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Which Brand Did Best During the Super Bowl?

The NFL’s championship game, the Super Bowl, circled the sun once again for a showdown between the best two teams in the league, and the entire world, of course, was thrilled.

We paid close attention to one of the most crucial parts of Super Bowl LVII while the Chiefs and Eagles fought it out on the field, and no, it wasn’t the halftime show.

Instead, we used our Social Tracker to examine the social media strategies of some of the most well-known businesses on the day of the Super Bowl. This report will show you who did the best in terms of audience size, frequency of posts, and overall interaction.

So, all you marketing and social media nerds out there, get your hot wings, and let’s get this party started!

How Active Were Users of Social Media During the Super Bowl?

Using Social Tracker, we can simply identify which of our social media channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) have the most user engagement. We can now see which channels are most popular with viewers by analysing the number of likes and comments each one receives.

On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Apple Music, M&Ms, and FanDuel received the most likes, comments, and shares.

Where Did Brands Spend Most of Their Time During the Big Game?

Participation is crucial for any social media marketing effort. The question then becomes, what causes interest?

Semrush Social Tracker helped us determine which companies were most active on social media on Super Bowl Sunday. Brands that spend much on Super Bowl commercials should also devote significant resources to promoting their products on social media. This will allow them to monitor their return on investment more closely.

Which Company Saw the Greatest Increase in Its Fan Base?

Brands want to see results from their social media initiatives, and one way to do so is by counting new followers. The Super Bowl is a huge opportunity for advertising teams to expand their reach through social media.

Some companies have more success on some social media platforms than on others, and this helps them determine where to concentrate their posting efforts in order to generate the greatest interest and interaction.

Some details are as follows.

Overall, the Super Bowl resulted in 18,405 new fans for all businesses.
With 7,252 new followers in one day, Instagram gained the greatest popularity as a social media platform, while Apple Music gained the most attention as a brand with 9,409. Even competitors who want to make greater gains in the coming months might benefit from this information.

What Product Did Best on Social Media?

It was a successful event for all firms, although certain brands clearly did better than others on social media. Here are the key metrics for the most popular social media users during the Super Bowl.

We picked the three companies with the most impressive Super Bowl Sunday audiences, activities, and engagements.


We can’t forget about Planters on Super Bowl Sunday, when so many excellent social media teams will be hard at work. They put up a spirited fight, but ultimately couldn’t match the performance of the day’s top two brands.

Planters’ campaign posters were particularly impressive, and they will be hard to top. If Planters make it to the Super Bowl again next year, it will be exciting to watch how they do.


This company’s Super Bowl Sunday activity, audience, and engagement figures were almost as good as the best in the business, but not quite. Throughout the day, they also made some fantastic tweets.
FanDuel won’t be hoisting a Lombardi this year, but with little further posting, they may win it next year.

Most Popular Music Service: Apple

According to Social Tracker, this company excels in every category. They were quite present across the board, but Twitter was clearly their favourite. The number of new listeners to Apple Music and the amount of interaction it received was highest of any service. They also paid for the halftime performance during the Super Bowl. If the Kansas City Chiefs were a football team, Apple Music would have won the Super Bowl.

Don’t Just Social Media Win during the Super Bowl, Do It Every Day!

Good luck to the other companies who didn’t make the cut on social media this year.

If you’re a social media specialist or marketer searching for a means to improve your performance and beat the competition on social media, whether for the Super Bowl or not, you might think about using Social Tracker.

It’s totally cost-free, simple to implement, effective at learning your rivals’ strategies, and game-changing.

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