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Methods for Making Fascinating Instagram Videos

One of the most successful ways to promote your Instagram account is by making interesting videos for the platform. Short movies (3-60 seconds in length) may be shared to Instagram using the app or by downloading files to the user’s mobile device. This opens you a wide variety of options for incorporating video into your Instagram advertising campaign.

Instagram videos are quickly replacing still images as the platform’s preferred medium for user-generated content (UGC) dissemination because they provide businesses with a compelling and simple means of promoting and showcasing their wares. Also, Instagram Live is rapidly expanding its user base. Of course, you already know that posting a video on Instagram isn’t enough to make it popular.

You’ll learn strategic, actionable tips for improving the quality of your Instagram videos throughout the process of planning, filming, and editing. We’ll also go through some real-world examples of the various formats for Instagram videos you may use.

In order to get the most out of your Instagram marketing efforts, including your videos, you need start with a specific objective and well-thought-out strategy.

Identify and define your objectives.

To make the most of your video’s minute and a half, careful planning and staging is essential. Consider why you want to make this video before you start making it. Are you actively seeking to expand your fan base? Communicate more intimately with your current audience. 
Specify what you mean. You should base the mood and tone of your film on your goals for sharing it online.

Try sharing a tale

Make a video with a story if you want people to pay attention to it. Even if you don’t utilise a storyboard, planning out your movie can help you make the most of the time you have. To make the most efficient use of your time, break your tale into its three sections (beginning, middle, and finish), and allocate specific amounts of time to each.

Instagram videos play immediately as users navigate through their feeds, so it’s important to hook viewers right away. This will make your video stand out and entice viewers to see the rest of your tale. Make sure your tale has a climax, a middle, and a resolution.

Include a call to action at the end of your video, asking viewers to do something to interact with your content or business.

Consider the lighting of your video

In order to get great results on camera, you don’t need an expensive professional lighting setup. If you want higher quality video, there are few easy steps you may do. These methods work particularly well for “talking head” videos, also known as portrait style videos, in which one person stands in one place and addresses the camera.

Take use of the daylight. What kind of windows do you have at your workspace or office? You should constantly face the light and maintain it in front of you while standing near a window or other natural light source.

Avoid shooting with overhanging illumination. The visual impacts of overhead illumination are often rather unpleasant. Help your subject locate more favourable lighting by exploring other areas of the room together.

Imagine something new! Make adjustments to the lighting if it is not working well for your topic. White poster board or paper can be used as a reflector to diffuse the light. Black plastic is another low-cost option for shielding yourself from the sun or streetlights.

Making a video

Determining the camera you will use to capture your footage is the first step in the production process. Due of its limited features, the Instagram app’s camera is no substitute for the one on your smartphone or professional DSLR. You’ve made your camera choice, so fire away! Getting started making videos on Instagram? Here are a few tips to help you along the way. If you’re taking photos with your phone specifically for Instagram, you’ll find these guidelines and suggestions quite helpful.

Choose either portrait or landscape orientation for your video camera. Instagram no longer forces videos to be filmed in a square, meaning you may shoot in any orientation and know that the whole thing will fit in the app’s frame.

Never let the camera’s attention wander from where it should be on the subject. A smartphone’s camera may be focused by touching the screen at the spot where the image should be sharpest. To keep the camera’s focus on your subject’s face, for instance, tap on her face; to blur her face, tap to the left or right of the frame.

Don’t shake the camera. You shouldn’t use shaky camerawork unless you’re making a horrible horror movie. Crouch down and anchor your hands on your knees to keep them stable, or plant your elbows on a flat surface. Make sure your DSLR is stable by mounting it on a tripod.

Choose wisely. Your Instagram story video is limited to one minute in length, so you’ll need to choose your clips carefully. Think about how hot it is right now to post about your business’s culture, and schedule entertaining, genuine videos around work trips and events.

Some Guidelines for Selecting the Right Material for Your Instagram Videos

Aspects of the Product

Educate your followers on the goods you sell and what makes them special.
Together with lifestyle content, releasing a few product videos each week may really help to boost engagement. A product film is a great way to show your audience how your brand’s values are reflected in the goods you sell.


Videos showcasing your product in motion are a fantastic way to get the attention of your audience and provide a welcome diversion from the usual static product shots.

Preliminary looks

Is there an upcoming product launch? If that’s the case, share the news with a teaser video that provides a preview of the product soon to be released. Raising anticipation for your new offering will have people thinking and talking about it long before it hits shelves.

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