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How To Get Found On Instagram: 8 Strategies

Every new Instagram brand has a main aim of attracting new followers, but what if you hit a wall and your numbers stop rising? Making sure you show up in Search results is one way to increase your social media following. Learn how to improve your search engine visibility using the advice in this article.

Insta-Seek: How Does It Work?

If you press the magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner of the screen, you’ll be taken to the Explore section of the interface, where Search is located. The top bar is where you may enter search terms to find fresh content to follow as well as accounts, tags, and locations.

Keeping this in mind, if you want to start making the most of Instagram Search to expose your content to your intended audience, you should work to increase the likelihood that your profile will be uncovered using Instagram Search.

Start with a Catchy Instagram Name

Whenever possible, utilise your brand name as your Instagram account (username). It wouldn’t do you much good for your company to try to sell wine under your own name or any other supposedly unrelated product. Instead, you should combine your company’s name with the terms associated with your industry. There are two possible verbs to describe drinking wine: “drink” and “enjoy.”

Use Relevant Search Terms in Your Username

You should optimise your profile for search by inserting brand-related keywords in the name field. You should put these two keywords in the name area on your profile if, for instance, you are selling organic cosmetics (skincare). We’ve included some applicable samples down below.

Use hashtags and keywords to enhance your bio’s readability.

If someone is looking for a company like yours in Search, they will see your bio and it may sway their decision to click on your profile. This is why it’s so important to fill up this section of your profile accurately.

You may increase the visibility of your profile in a hashtag search by using relevant hashtags (and links) in your post. To complete your bio, you have 150 available characters.

Utilise hashtags when sharing content on social media.

To increase the discoverability of your Instagram posts and Stories, hashtags are a must. When utilised properly, they may create groups and bring in others who share your interests. In Instagram, users may use the Search feature to look for certain hashtags, and the results will display in the top tap beside “Tags,” increasing the likelihood that your content will be seen.

Hashtag Varieties

  • Hashtags with your company’s name in them attract customers and help you grow an online following. The hashtag may be the name of a product line, the name of your company, or a catchphrase you came up with.
  • Hashtags for products and services — these hashtags should be used to reach people searching for a specific product, such as #summerdress or #icecreamrolls.
  • Hashtags for specialised subsets of an industry; these should be more precise than generic product or service hashtags. Consider the hashtags for #handmadecandles and #vegan.
  • Hashtags for campaigns are a wise move if you’re doing a contest or other type of sponsored campaign.
  • If you want to get more eyes on your content, try employing trending hashtags, which are time-sensitive hashtags relating to current (seasonal) events or relevant trends. Some hashtags are: #sustainable, #BLM, #Christmas, and many more.

Label all of your updates with a specific location.

If you include location tags to your articles, they will appear higher in search results when users look for information about that area under the “Places” tab. This is the section where people may find material relevant to a specific area. Including a location in every of your postings is a certain way to increase your exposure.

Time Your Updates Correctly

Users may quickly read the most recent entries in the “Places” and “Hashtags” sections of Search by clicking over to the “Recent” tab. This is a compelling argument for paying close attention to the timing of your posts.

Hop on the Reels Express

Another fantastic chance to get seen is provided by Instagram’s ability to explore Reels that have been tagged with specific hashtags. You might be missing out on a significant opportunity to expand your fan base if you don’t start sharing your Reels on the social app, which has been strongly advertising its TikTok rival in recent months.

Take Motivation from Your Rivals

Check out the other candidates’ profiles to gain ideas for your own. You might, for instance, look at the most successful of their articles to see what kind of keywords and hashtags they’re utilising. Read their biography to get ideas for how to enhance your own.

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