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Influencer Marketing: Analysing Your Results

Few strategies for Instagram marketing and learning how to gain organic Instagram followers are as widely debated and analysed as collaborating with prominent social influencers.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kicksta blog, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that we discuss influencer marketing quite a bit ourselves. Let’s talk about what makes an influencer campaign effective.

We realise that you may be tempted to roll your eyes and go on to the newest viral cat video, but bear with us; there is a legitimate reason that we are revisiting this advertising strategy. Why? Today, we’ll discuss the metrics you should use to evaluate the performance of your influencer marketing programme.

Reach and engagement are the primary indicators of gaining organic Instagram followers.

Increases in each of these metrics are clear indicators of a successful influencer marketing campaign, regardless of whether you’re working with a mega-influencer with millions of followers or a “micro-influencer” with fewer followers but greater levels of audience involvement.

The amount of people that saw the influencer-driven content, the number of people who used your hashtags, and the number of favourites and comments on the influencer’s post are all indicators of success.

Gaining organic Instagram followers is aided by influencer posts since more people will talk about your company.

The good news is that it’s not hard to see if these figures are increasing. Make sure to keep meticulous records during the campaign so that you can evaluate results with confidence.

Web-Based Activity, a Critical Metric

One of the main reasons people use Instagram for advertising is to drive more people to their websites.

Instagram doesn’t provide any tools to assist you determine how much of your website traffic is coming from an influencer, but you may use a link-tracking service (like Bitly) to generate special links for your campaign.

In reality, link-tracking services will supply you with the total number of clicks for a certain link, which, when paired with Google Analytics, will offer you the exact figures and percentages on the influence of these campaigns on your site’s traffic.

This will allow you to determine whether or not the campaign was successful in increasing traffic to your website.

Third Most Important Metric: New Customers and High-Quality Leads

Naturally, the ultimate concern for most businesses is whether or not a marketing effort resulted in high-quality leads and new customers.

Many businesses have found success in achieving this objective by developing a landing page tailored to attracting high-quality leads from Instagram influencer campaigns.

A well-designed landing page makes it much simpler to track how many visits become leads, and how many of those leads become genuine paying customers.

The conversion rate and the cost per acquisition may thus be carefully monitored.

The goal of any successful influencer marketing strategy should be to boost sales and leads while decreasing the cost per acquisition so that your business can turn a profit.

Possibilities to cultivate a devoted following of buyers who may be more precisely targeted in the near future to boost profits have opened up as a result.

Fourth Critical Metric: Results Comparison

Last but not least, evaluate the influencer campaign’s results in relation to your account’s previous successful posts and campaigns.

Does having an influencer on board make your best content go viral? Or are you in for a rude awakening when you realise that consistent posting has had a greater impact on your account’s growth?

Avoiding this consequence is possible through the careful selection of a quality influencer; nonetheless, it is always wise to compare outcomes to ensure you are receiving your money’s worth.

Now that you know what metrics are important, you can take a breather.

Do the influencers you’re currently working with aid in gaining organic Instagram followers and expanding your brand’s reach. Or, rather, do we need to start surrounding ourselves with more persuasive people?

Identifying and working with the most effective influencers for your brand’ Instagram growth is made much simpler when you have a firm grasp on the metrics that matter most.

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