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6 Tips To Go Viral On TikTok

The days of little dancing challenges and lip syncs on TikTok are long gone. It has grown to become an important place for brands to establish a presence, connect with their customers, and market their wares, with over 1 billion members joining the community every month.

The nicest part of TikTok is that it is a meritocracy; it doesn’t matter if you have ten followers or a hundred thousand; your video has the same potential of going viral and earning you further visibility and business.

TikTok’s definition of “viral” content

TikTok has parameters on which it evaluates your video and decides how far to push it, even though there is no measurable correlation between likes and views and a video’s virality.

TikTok’s algorithm gives your video a boost based on how well it does with a select group of viewers on their For You Page (FYP).

While views, comments, and profile views are all taken into account, TikTok primarily looks at how long users spend watching your videos and how many of them they actually finish. If users watch your video for a significant amount of time, finish it, or better yet, replay it, you will be rewarded by TikTok’s algorithm.

What Makes a TikTok Video Become Viral?

You can’t measure how many views or likes a video needs to go viral, but TikTok uses certain variables to determine how much to promote your video.

TikTok’s algorithm gives your video a boost based on how well it does with a select group of viewers on their For You Page (FYP).

TikTok employs a variety of data, including likes, shares, comments, and profile views, but average watch time and video completion rate are particularly essential. If users watch your video for an extended period of time, finish it, or even better, replay it, you will be rewarded by TikTok’s algorithm.

Tips for Making Your TikTok Video Become Viral

Although there is no foolproof method for getting your video to the top of the TikTok charts, you can boost your chances of success by following these guidelines.

In order to get the attention of your audience, you should use a hook

When uploading to TikTok, you just have a few seconds to grab the attention of your viewers before they move on to the next video.

To do this, you should introduce a question or a problem that viewers may be experiencing and then provide a solution to that problem in the rest of the video. One more approach to hook viewers is to use text in a striking colour in the first scene.

Reduce the length of the video

Videos on TikTok can be up to three minutes long, but the longer they are, the less likely they are to be watched in their entirety or replayed.

The watch time and completion rates you aim for will be easier to achieve with short, engaging videos.

If necessary, capture your own audio.

The algorithm behind TikTok deciphers your video’s subject matter based on factors like its content, audio, keywords, and hashtags. Hence, if you want your video to get seen by the proper people, you should record some voice to offer the app context.

Take advantage of popular tunes or noises

The algorithm is more likely to show your video to users who have already engaged with the trend if you use a song that is currently popular in that space.

Spend some time on FYP. or examine the “Sounds” tab of the TikTok video editor, its suggested music, and the “TikTok Viral” playlist to learn which songs or noises are gaining traction. Spotify also has regularly updated playlists with the most recent TikTok singles you may listen to.

Prioritize quality over cost

A great method to captivate your audience, add value, and get them to watch your full video (and maybe even replay it) is to share information, tips, advice, or fast hacks.

In addition to giving you a shot at going viral, instructive videos like these help demonstrate your expertise and thus can help you grow an audience for your business.

Promote communication

Your video’s chances of going popular on TikTok increase with the number of comments it receives.

That’s because constructive feedback from viewers tells the algorithm that your video is worthwhile to share. In addition, the video will keep playing in the background as people read and reply to comments, which will boost the overall play time in your favour.

A call to action is essential

The goal is not to go viral, though it is a nice side effect. If you want people to take action after seeing your video, you need a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA).

Your call to action (CTA) could be anything from “follow us for more” to “share this video,” “shop our selection,” or “visit our website.” In turn, this will assist your company’s bottom line by increasing visitors to your website or landing page and sales.

Guidelines for Generating New TikTok Content

Identifying your target demographic is the first step in developing a successful TikTok strategy. TikTok prioritises content that it believes its users would love; to get your content seen, you must first know what that audience enjoys.

TikTok statistics allow you to examine the demographics of your audience as well as the kind of content and noises they have engaged with recently. Examine the videos produced by other small businesses and your direct competitors to learn about the techniques and methods they employ to increase viewership.

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