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How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog From Social Media

No matter how diverse your intended audience may be, you will find them on social media. The statistics justify this claim:

The typical American adult uses seven different forms of social networking.
Seventy percent of users of social media do so daily.
Researching products is a common activity for more than half the social media users.
In fact, 90% of consumers are more likely to buy from firms that they actively engage with online.
You’re losing out on a great opportunity to increase blog traffic if you aren’t interacting with your target audience on social media.

You have found the ideal site if you are just starting out on social media or if you already have accounts but know you ought to be more active on them. The following advice will help you get the ball rolling on a social media plan that will increase traffic to a website, deepen your audience engagement, and ultimately increase the return on investment (ROI) of your content.

There is no denying the traffic-boosting potential of social media.
Nine out of ten marketers see increased web traffic as the most obvious value of social media marketing, per Social Media Examiner 

You can get the most out of this perk if you use your social media channels purposefully to spread the word about your work. More people will see, share, and interact with content created via social media. It provides consumers with a convenient and natural approach to engage with your brand during their daily routines ¬† In the long run, this improves your brand’s recognition and loyalty among consumers.

Here are 6 social media strategies that will increase readers for your site.

You just have to pick the right social media sites.

However, not every brand should use every platform. In fact, it’s probably not a good idea, especially when you’re just beginning started with social media, to try to keep an active account on a lot of different platforms. If you run a business-to-business software as a service (SaaS) company, LinkedIn should be one of your top marketing channels. Instagram and TikTok are more likely to be prioritised if you’re relying on influencers marketing to advertise a consumer product.

Make sure you’re thinking about your customers when deciding which social media sites to use. Learn as much as you can to guide your plan.

Consistently disseminate your work

Do you promote every blog post you make on your various social media channels? To the contrary, you should begin immediately.

Consumers would rather have media delivered directly to their devices. Your brand’s content may be interesting to them, but that doesn’t mean they’ll go out of their way to check back on your website each week to see if you’ve posted anything new.

Sharing valuable data on a daily basis will attract followers who will automatically be updated whenever you post new material. They will interact with it in many ways, such as liking, clicking, commenting, and sharing. Those things raise awareness of your brand, which in turn attracts additional followers who then regularly view your material.

A positive feedback loop has started. This is a direct result of your consistent content sharing. In order to maintain an active and consistent posting schedule despite interruptions, I advise adopting a content calendar. Tools like Hootsuite make it easy to manage many social media accounts and automate your posting.

Distribute it multiple times

By sharing your material multiple times on social media, you can increase your earnings over time. For some suggestions, consider the following:

Find out which of your blog entries received the most positive feedback   Redistribute those articles to attract even more readers.
Refresh out-of-date content by updating it and distributing the revised version.
Use your blog’s archive to your advantage by re-publishing articles when they are timely or relevant, such as when readers inquire about a subject you have previously written about.

Adjust Your Social Media Settings

We put in a lot of effort to improve our sites, yet our social media profiles are sometimes overlooked. In many respects, your followers will look on your social media accounts to perform the same functions as your website. Your social media sites should visually mirror your brand’s image, offer a clear value proposition, answer commonly asked a question, and make it simple for people to contact you.

Good news: improving your profile is as simple as following these steps:

Add a professional, emblematic picture of yourself to your profile.
Put forth an accurate and comprehensive biography.
Add a link to your site.
Consistency in profile pictures and user names across platforms is highly recommended.
Put forth the effort to get your social media pages indexed by using keywords.
The impacts of a well-optimized social media profile on your blog’s readership are multiplied. People will remember your name-brand product.¬† Followers will feel more at ease interacting with your profiles and sharing your information if your profiles are optimised to inspire confidence in the brand.

Facilitate content sharing.

Generally speaking, content published on social media platforms is highly shareable. However, there are still measures you can take to increase the frequency with which your followers will desire to share your material.

Make sure that first and foremost it caters to the requirements of your target audience. To increase your content’s shareability, make sure readers are getting something out of it. This allows you to purposefully write blog posts that will perform well on your social media channels.

Use engaging writing to attract readers to your blog.

If you aren’t regularly providing helpful information to your followers, no amount of social media marketing effort will be successful. Every week for a year or more, Marketing Insider Group’s writing team and Seos will provide you optimised, publish-ready content.

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